Social Media Optimization

What can AdSpecialist do for you?

AdSpecialist will help you to set up a plan about social media marketing. We are setting goals (e.g # mentions on Twitter, # likes on Facebook) and we will review these goals in relation to KPIs (key performance indicators). AdSpecialist will set up a dashboard for you in Google Data Studio, so you can check at any time how your social media efforts are performing. Do not hesitate to get in touch if you need more information.

What is Social Media Optimization?

Visitors will find your website through different sources. It’s not only search engines that will bring new ‘potential’ customers to your website.  You will have traffic to your website through referral links. Social media are increasingly important in creating these links. Just like SEO, SMO has the potential to increase traffic to your website, as updates are easily shared between users. These posts can contain links to your website. This is how social media can have an impact on your website’s traffic.

How does SMO work?

You should create a Social Media plan for your website with your business objectives and goals. A few typical goals could be: improving your reputation, increasing your sales, enforcing your online credibility, etc. Basically, it’s about ‘spreading the word’ on your company. You should think about ways to integrate social media in your content strategy. Instead of just sharing one news update on one channel, you should make a planning where you rewrite your update in different snackable social media posts. If the update has a great added value, the post will be shared among other social media users and the word will spread automatically!

AdSpecialist’s SMO Strategies

If your company wants to explore the use of social media, you’ll need a strategic plan to make this a succes. With this strategy, you want to create content that is new, refreshing  and easy to share online. AdSpecialist can set up a plan for your company and helps you creating a strategy for different social media actors as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube.


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