Lore Van BesienBehind Adspecialist stands Lore Van Besien. For 3 years, she was Account Manager at Google, in the AdWords department in Dublin. There she specialized in the international advertising industry. She worked with international clients who’se campaigns ran in different countries and languages ​​at the same time.

Currently she works as an independent partner for companies, SMEs and other persons who wish to outsource their online marketing strategy.

Lore was educated in Germanic Languages ​​at the Catholic University in Leuven, obtained a master degree in European Studies at the Catholic University in Louvain-la-Neuve, and a teacher degree at University College Ghent. Her language skills are a real asset: She speaks fluent Dutch, French, English and German.

Cost: no surprises

Adspecialist chooses for quality at a fair price. You decide how much you spend maximum on your advertising budget. Only the fixed costs of setting up and managing the campaign apply in addition to that. There are no surprises, you know exactly how much you’ll pay be at the billing. Contact us for an estimate of your advertising budget.

Completely Transparent

Do you already have an AdWords campaign, and would you still can keep track yourself of what’s happening? You can! With AdSpecialist you can still access your account. You can 24h/24h see how many clicks your campaign has received and how much daily budget you’ve already spent it. Also new customers, who never advertised on AdWords before, get full access to their new account.

Flexible contract

Do you want to hire the AdSpecialist for the setup, but do management yourself? Would you not want to be tied to a year’s contract? You can! With AdSpecialist, the agreement can be stopped at any time with one month’s notice. An email is sufficient.


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