In-house training

You would like to organize a session in your company on Google Ads, Google Analytics or Google Tag Manager. Adspecialist would love to help you by organizing hands-on workshops. These workshops contain a lot of exercises and demos which will allow your team to easily carry on themselves after the session. Another option is to organize a certification training about one of the official Google Partner or Academy for Ads certificates. The main objective is to get let your team pass the assessment for a given certificate.

Having difficulties finding the right training for your specific need? Just contact us for a tailor-made course.


Theoretical training – aimed at achieving a certificate

A fast-paced course which preprares your team for one of the following certificates:

  • Ads Fundamentals (6h + 1,5h assessment time)
  • Search Advanced (6h + 2h assessment time)
  • Display (6h + 1,5h assessment time)
  • Video (6h + 1,5h assessment time)
  • Mobile (6h+ 1,5h assessment time)
  • Google Shopping (6h + 1,5h assessment time)
  • Google Analytics (6h + 2h assessment time)
  • Google Tag Manager Fundamentals (6h + 1h assessment time)

Hands-on – aimed at setting up your account

A workshop in which you work on your own porject (account). This allows you to quickly turn theoretical into practical knowledge.

  • How to launch a campaign in the search network
  • Advanced Search Ads – ex. Call-only ads, Dynamic Search Ads, KeyWords Insertion
  • How to launch a campaign in the display network
  • How to launch a campaign with video ads
  • How to setup video ads
  • How to launch a campaign for mobile ads
  • Dynamic Remarketing and Feed based remarketing
  • How to create and implement a measurement plan in Google Analytics
  • How to implement a measurement plan via Google Tag Manager

Hans-on – aimed at further optimization

In these workshop you will learn how to further optimize your campaigns through data-driven decision-making. We offer a half day workshop for each different campaign type.

  • Search (3h)
  • Display (3h)
  • Shopping (3h)
  • Video (3h)
  • Mobile App(3h)
  • Develop a long-term strategy from Ads via return on ad spend
  • Audit and optimization of an existing Google Analytics account
  • Audit and optimization of an existing Google Tag Manager account
  • Building tailor-made dashboard and reports via Google Data Studio

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