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What can AdSpecialist do for you?

Setting up an Google Analytics account is very easy, but it gets more complicated when you want to have the data work for you. Imagine that you want to filter out your internal traffic, or you want to see your e-commerce order data, or track your leads through the contact form. AdSpecialist, being a Qualified Analytics Individual,  will help you to setup your account and dashboard according to your needs. Simply, get in touch!

What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a free tool that allows website owners to investigate traffic on their website. With this tool, you can find out how many visitors were on your site for a specific time frame, how long they stayed, what they have viewed. You can see for yourself how they arrived on your site: via Google, via a link in an article or e-mail, via your newsletter … Analytics is very useful to see which parts of your website attract many visitors, and where you lose your visitors. It is the best tool to take sound decisions if you want to make changes to your website.

How does Google Analytics work?

You install a piece of code on every page of the script for your website. Each time a visitor comes to your website, a cookie will be set in the browser settings of the visitor. By means of that cookie, Analytics can follow this visitor on the website : which web pages are visited, what links are clicked, etc. Even if the visitor comes back at a later time, Analytics recognizes the cookie as a “returning visitor”.

That way you can see what page visitors spend the most time on, what page make the visitors leave your site, etc. Based on these figures and statistics, you can make informed decisions about what to change on the website.

Professional setup of your Analytics account


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