SEA services for agencies

Hire an SEA Expert for agencies

Whether you are marketing agency or a webdesign company, you will have come across questions of your clients about ‘online marketing’ and ‘advertising on Google‘. If you do not have anyone in the team that is an expert in this matter, you can hire me as an SEA Expert for agencies. Just get in touch!

AdSpecialist is currently employed as a subcontractor by different agencies in Belgium and abroad, to work on their clients’ accounts.  Get in touch if want to learn more or if you want to discuss a potential collaboration.


Multilingual SEA Services for agencies

Once your client wants to advertise internationally, you should make sure that the AdWords campaigns are set up right for the client’s new audience. Having the campaigns translated by a translating company isn’t the right choice, as they do not check search volumes, average cost-per-click, and monthly impressions. With 6 years of ‘in-house’ experience of setting up multilingual campaigns for Google, you have found the right person for your multilingual needs.

We are currently in the process of expanding this type of support for agencies.

Read more about the current languages and countries/regions we support in our latest blogpost about ‘New Multilingual AdWords and SEO support‘.


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