Google Ads

What is Google Ads?

Google Ads is Google’s advertising program, which allows entrepreneurs and businesses to advertise their business online. When you create an account in Google Ads, an advertisement can appear in a few hours on self-selected search terms, certain websites or other Google products such as Gmail, YouTube and the Google Play Store.

How does Google Ads work?

The Google Ads auction systems determines the ad position and how much you pay’ll for an ad click or ad delivery. Any advertiser who bids for a particular keyword or position, puts a maximum amount per click (max CPC). Google seeks a good balance between the experience of its users and the display of advertisements. Therefore, relevant ads are granted a good Quality Score. The higher your score, the less you will pay for a high position among the ads.

How can AdSpecialist help you?

The Setup of a Search Campaign on Google Ads

Do you want to advertise successfully on the Google search results page? Then you have to investigate which search terms would do well in promoting your products or services. That is why we build Search Campaigns from within the Keyword Planner. The Keyword Planner is a tool in which you can check the search volume in certain search terms.

Getting a good quality score is extremely important. We ensure that only relevant advertisements appear for the chosen keywords. We do this by bringing a good structure into your campaign and ensuring that everything is set up correctly with the most up-to-date information.

For the first three months, we continue to optimize your account by closely monitoring the performance of your campaigns based on preset goals. This way, we ensure you that your campaign is ready when we hand it over.

The setup of another type of campaign

Do you want to promote your application in the Play Store or the App Store? Do you want to show your promotional video or your banner on YouTube? This is also possible through Google Ads. AdSpecialist has the necessary expertise in every available campaign type on Google Ads.

Just as with search campaigns, there is an optimization period of 3 months for all other types of campaigns.

Audit of an existing campaign 

Do you work with an agency or other freelancer for Google Ads? Then we would like to make an objective and unbiased analysis of your account. These findings are delivered as a written report and -if requested – a presentation.

An Expert in-house?

Do you prefer to have someone in-house to take care of your Google Ads account? Do you want to train your own personnel by having a trained expert in the office regularly who is happy to share all knowledge about Google Ads? AdSpecialist can help you out. From one single day to a regular assignment of 1 day per week. Request more info through the form below.

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