Google Analytics

What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a free analysis tool that enables business owners to investigate the traffic on their website and understand how the website is reaching the business goals. With Google Analytics, you can easily find out how many visitors have been on your site, how long they have stayed and what they have been doing on your site. You can see for yourself how visitors ended up on the website: via Google, via a link in an article or email, … Analytics is very useful to see which parts of the website attract many visitors, and where visitors drop out. It is the ideal instrument for making responsible decisions before you make changes to the website or adapt your campaign strategy in the online marketing mix.

How does Google Analytics work?

You or your web developers installs a piece of tracking code on every page of the website. This code installs a cookie in a visitor’s browser. The cookie enables Google Analytics to follow this visitor on the website: which web pages are visited, which  links are clicked, etc .. Even if the visitor comes back at a later time, Google Analytics recognizes the cookie as “a returning visitor”. This way you can easily compare the behavior of new and returning visitors on the website.

How can AdSpecialist help you?

Basic setup of Google Analytics

During a basic setup of Google Analytics, we ensure that the piece of Google Analytics tracking code ends up on every page of your website. That way, you will find data of each page of your website in Google Analytics.

During this setup, we will ensure that you:

  • measure the interactions correctly based on an implementation plan (event tracking)
  • have goals set up based on your business goals and KPIs
  • get to see pure visitor data in Analytics (no data of employees or bots)
  • get insights in the interest and demographic characteristics of your visitors
  • can easily compare data from different tailor-made segments
  • have relevant remarketing lists available for your Google Ads campaign

Advanced setup of Google Analytics

Sometimes you want to obtain data that is not measured by the Google Analytics code by default. You want to make offline data available, you want to enrich the Google Analytics data with data from other systems or sources (dimension widening), or you want to measure interactions that do not occur on the website e.g. updates in your CRM system (measurement protocol)

From the setup of  Google Analytics to Dashboarding

To be able to make data-driven decisions in a good way, you have to be able to represent data in the form of a dashboard. A dashboard based on your own business objectives and KPIs ensures that you can immediately distil the right insights. AdSpecialist can teach you how to set up dashboards via Google Analytics or Data Studio.

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