Google Tag Manager

What is Google Tag Manager?

Google Tag Manager (GTM) is a tag management system in which you can easily fire tags without having to change the code of the website. Tags are pieces of code on your website that help you to measure and forward information about the traffic and behavior on your website to other systems. For example, Google Analytics uses tags to send data from your website to the Google Analytics servers. But also Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. use tags. You might also know these tags under the name ‘tracking pixels’.

The more online marketing channels and tools you use for your website, the more tags you will have to implement. If you would like to place a large amount of tags on your website, this has several drawbacks: the source code of the page becomes longer, the page may load slower and you’ll always need the help of the web developer to correctly implement and update each new tag.

Fortunately, a tag management system can offer a solution. Google Tag Manager is one of many tag management systems, and it is free of charge. If you use Google Tag Manager, the actual number of hard-coded tags on the website is limited to one. This way, the source code of the website remains neat, clear and loads quickly. Do you still want to implement a Facebook pixel or a LinkedIn remarketing tag on the site afterwards? You can handle this from now on completely on Google Tag Manager, without editing the code of the website itself.


How can AdSpecialist help you?

AdSpecialist can help you with the setup of Google Tag Manager for many tools such as Google Analytics and Google Ads, but also LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook or custom tags. The possibilities are enormous: from Google Analytics ‘event tracking’ on the watch behavior on your embedded YouTube videos to ‘enhanced e-commerce’ tracking on your webshops checkouts. AdSpecialist has a lot of expertise in using Google Tag Manager for Google Analytics. Are you rather looking for a hands-on workshop or a webinar on Google Tag Manager? Get in touch with us.

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