Online marketing

Your website is the ideal medium to reach out to potential customers who did not  hear of you before. If you realize that people increasingly use the internet to buy products or services, then you know how important ‘online presence’ is on the internet. Your website is the image of your company online and you should think of an effective online marketing strategy!

  • You want to attract visitors who already search for your products & services

  • You want to track the efficiency of your website

    Everywebsite has certain ‘goals’: this can be an order for an e-commerce website, a sign-up or lead, or even an engagement goals as ‘watching a video’, ‘downloading a white-paper’.

    Google Analytics provides insights in how visitors use your website. Analyzing the results will help you take data-driven decisions to optimize your website.

  • You want to attract visitors on social media

    You want to reach visitors when they are checking news and updates on social media. Make them share your links and updates to their friends and contacts in order to enlarge your audience.

    What you need is an online ‘presence’ on social media channels: this goes from maintaining a Facebook account, working on building Twitter followers, to uploading YouTube videos and much more.

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  • You are running an agency, and you need Online Marketing expertise

    You are traditional marketing agency and you don’t have any experience in online marketing, or you don’t have the language skills needed to setup and manage AdWords campaigns.

    AdSpecialist has a 6-years-experience record in setting up and managing multilingual campaigns. You can reach out for help in Dutch, French, English and German.

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