Monday Morning Movies – AdWords

Monday, May 27th, 2013 at 10:46

Monday Morning Movies

In a weekly inspiring video about entrepreneurship and e-commerce, AdSpecialist was interviewed by Cis Scherpereel of Indie Group. With this video, with is a part of the  ‘Monday Morning Movies‘, you get an introduction and a couple of valuable tips about setting up an AdWords campaign for e-commerces. Sorry for the non-Dutch speakers, this video is currently only available in Dutch. I’ll look into getting subtitles for this video if there is need for this. Just let me know by the commment function.

I know this is really only an introduction to e-commerce owners who have never tried to setup their own AdWords campaign. I have mentioned a couple of words as ‘e-commerce tracking code’, that probably need some more elaboration for this audience, but I  hope we’ll get to this soon by introducing new videos about different AdWords topics in the future. I hope you get inspired by this video and do not hesitate to get in touch if you have more questions or comments. If you think this type of video is helping you with the planning and setting up of your AdWords campaign, please get in touch. If I get enough feedback, I might continue this type of videos, even for a more advanced user.

Topics could be:

How do I structure my AdWords account?

How do I setup e-commerce tracking code?

How do I optimize my AdWords account for more return?

How do I use Web Analytics to better understand the behavior of the visitors on my website?