Welcome to the new site of AdSpecialist

Thursday, February 23rd, 2012 at 15:28

AdSpecialist has been around for exactly one and a half year now. When the original website was launched, I was still in the start-up phase of the company, not knowing exactly how things would turn out. After eighteen months experience as a freelancer, I have a better understanding of what type of online marketing consultancy is needed, both for companies as for other SEA agencies.
So the website didn’t just get a revamp, it got a complete make-over. The new look suits the image of the company better, and is more attractive.
This new blog, where I hope to welcome a lot of readers, will be my way of communicating with you on new tools, tips and tricks, and I hope to get in contact through comments. The focus of the blog will be mainly AdWords, but SEO, Social Media and Google Analytics will be part of it as well.