How can AdSpecialist help you?

AdSpecialist has a 6-years-experience record in setting up and optimizing AdWords campaigns. As a Xoogler (ex-Googler), she has all the in-house and insider’s knowledge to make a huge success of your campaigns. Currently, AdSpecialist has succesfully attained following labels : Google AdWords Certified Company and Google Analytics Qualified Indivudual. Get in touch through the contact form if you want to discuss the opportunities for your business!

What is AdWords?

Google AdWords is the SEA program (Search Engine Advertising Program) from Google for entrepreneurs and companies, who can advertise their website online. After opening an account in AdWords, you can see your ad appear in a few minutes on self-chosen keywords. Normally, the ad appears on the right side of the results page. However, if your ad is considered highly relevant by Google, you can appear in the three positions above the natural search results. The label sponsored links sets the advertisements apart from the natural search results.

How does AdWords work?

AdWords is based on an auction system. Any advertiser who wants to bid oncertain search term, sets a maximum cost-per-click (max CPC). This is how much he wants to pay per click on his advertisement (min € 0.01 / click). With the AdWords PPC (pay-per-click) method, you only pay Google for each time someone clicks on your ad. But quality is equally important! If you choose revelant keywords for your business to bid on, Google will reward you with a good quality score for that keyword. The higher your score, the less you will pay for a high position among the ads.

Ad Rank = Max CPC ✕ Quality Score



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